Webfoot Strength and Conditioning: Designed for Every Duck

We are currently in the process of rebranding to Webfoot Strength and Conditioning. We’ll still be offering high quality classes to improve your strength, sharpen your gymnastics skills, generate power with Olympic lifting, and enhance your overall conditioning. CrossFit HQ says they are committed to making changes, and we will do our due diligence in monitoring their evolving situation and course of actions. Come fall term, we will welcome you all back and bring even more new members into this community. When we do resume classes, we’ll be here. We’ll lift and laugh. We’ll run, row, and complain about the Assault Bike. We’ll give high (air) fives and support one another. We’ll be the same people, but hopefully have grown during these past and future months to provide you an awesome experience in fall. Thank you for everything you’ve given us this past year; we can’t wait to see you again.

A reminder fall term, Webfoot, PE Strength and Conditioning classes are open for fall registration.

Webfoot Strength and Conditioning Passes

  • Workout passes are sold at the Rec Service Center or Welcome Desk.
  • Workout passes are stored on your UO ID card.
  • Workout passes 1–20 will roll over term to term and will expire at the end of the academic year August 23, 2019.
  • Unlimited workout passes are only valid during the term of purchase.
  • No refunds for workout passes.
Workout SRC Member Price Cost per Session
1 $10.00 $10.00
5 $40.00 $8.00
10 $70.00 $7.00
20 $120.00 $6.00
Unlimited $150.00 <$5.00