Abbey M.

Primary Service: Fitness Trainer/Instructor

Major/Minor: Dance, Pre-Occupational Therapy

Certifications: UrbanKick. Working towards ACE Group Fitness Instructor

Employment: Group X

Fun Fact: I’ve ridden a 60 year old elephant!

My Upcoming Workouts

Just Dance
January 21March 11

FREE WORKOUT in Global Scholars Hall! Popular music and easy-to-follow moves that create choreographed routines that feel more like dancing than working out.

January 09March 13

POUND is a rock-out workout combining a full-body cardio jam session that fuses Pilates, strength, and plyometrics. Come rock, tap, dubstep, and pop with us, all levels welcome!

January 09March 15

Sports conditioning approach and combines punch and kick sequences with H.I.T.T. drills for a multi-level, fun, and heart-healthy workout. This is a non-contact workout and requires no equipment to participate.