Photo of Chris Becker
Chris Becker
Disc Golf Instructor

Primary Service: Physical Education


I have been playing disc golf for more than 13 years and competed professionally in tournaments each year since 2012. In 2010 I was named the Individual Disc Golf National Champion and in 2011 Team Champion. I have been instructing disc golf and Ultimate Frisbee at Oregon State University since 2015.

During spring term of 2018 at the UO I taught a Disc Golf 1 course. I enjoyed teaching this course as much as the students enjoyed taking it. To help people progress and learn a new found skill is fun for me and I believe helps take the students minds off everything else going on, even if it is just for an hour.

My passion is to help people continue to move their bodies in a fun constructive way. I have students set goals and get after them with emphasis on consistency and persistence. I stress attendance more than anything. If you are there you're probably going to put in the effort because I make things fun during my classes.

During my free time I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend, friends, and family. Being active is a big part of my life and I feel happier when I'm moving. Disc golf, hiking, yoga, camping, and sometimes a TV show.