Photo of Erik Belzer
Erik Belzer
Tennis/Badminton Instructor

Primary Service: Physical Education


I am a United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) certified teaching professional. I am also a wheelchair tennis certified instructor. I have spent the greater part of seven years teaching tennis and player development.

This is my first year teaching tennis for the Rec. My course list includes Tennis 1, 2, and 3 as well as Badminton 1 and 2.

I come from an athletic family who have taught me the importance of good health through sports and fitness. My goal is to provide quality tennis instruction to this university. My teaching philosophy is to be adaptable to the student I'm working with. I teach players to have respect for their opponents and for themselves, and to remember to have fun in the process.

In my free time I help my family cultivate a small pinot noir vineyard and I enjoy running. A fun fact, I am a huge Bruce Springsteen fan!