Sydney S.

Primary Service: Fitness Trainer/Instructor

My Upcoming Workouts

F45 Cardio
September 30December 02

The F45 Cardio workout program combines functional movements, agility, and cardio machines into a fun high-intensity interval training class. This innovative research based program offers hundreds of exciting exercises, all easily adaptable to different fitness levels. F45 classes are in our F45 studio and taught by two certified trainers to get you the best results and have the most fun.

F45 Strength
October 01December 03

The F45 Strength workout program offers diverse strength training stimuli ranging from heavier, shorter weight training intervals to light weight endurance sets, allowing the body to constantly grow stronger and never get bored. F45 classes are in our F45 Studio and taught by two certified trainers to get you the best results, and have the most fun. 

October 01December 05

Barre fuses ballet, dance and pilates into a workout focused on body awareness, strength, flexibility, and balance. No dance or ballet experience necessary. 

September 30December 02

Ride to the rhythm of powerful music, simulating the outdoors, sprints, hills and intervals. Each rider controls their bike console to allow individual training and after the ride measurable results you take with you.