Court reservations for racquetball and squash are not needed at this time. If the courts are open and not currently in use, they are available.

How to Make a Student Tennis Center Reservation

  • Login to RecWeb and click on Reservations. Choose the court of your choice. Please be aware that Court 4 is reserved for ball machine use.
  • You may make reservations up to one day in advance.
  • We accept same day reservations as long as they are made for an open court at least one hour in advance.
  • If you need to request access to login to RecWeb, please fill out the following Qualtrics survey.

Reservation Protocols

  • You can only reserve courts for an hour at a time.
  • Reservations begin at the bottom of the hour.
  • To use the ball machine on Court 4, you must purchase a rental multi-visit pass. To purchase, please visit the Welcome Desk or login to RecWeb.
  • Reservations must be claimed by five minutes past the hour or the next person waiting may claim the court.
  • PE and Rec classes and programs have priority over open recreation.