To access family recreation, purchase a membership or day pass for all members of your party. Children must be accompanied by adults at all times. Please have one adult for every four children.

  • During UO summer terms, adult day passes can be purchased by 16- and 17-year-olds without a guardian. A government ID with date of birth is required (high school ID with birthdate is adequate).
  • During the summer, child day passes are required for anyone 15 or younger.
  • Only someone 18 or older can bring in a minor that is 15 or younger.
  • Anyone entering the facility with a child day pass is not permitted in the weight and cardio areas, or in the Midtown Courts.

Family Recreation Hours

Available Facilities and Guidelines

Downtown Aquatics (Rec Pool)

  • Swim diapers are required for children who are not potty-trained.
  • Non-swimmers must be within arm’s reach.
  • Child size life jackets as well as water basketballs, volleyballs, inner tubes, and toys are available.

Climbing Wall

  • Children must be 5 years old to participate.
  • Children must be with an adult at all times, and there should be one adult per three children.
  • Adults must be certified to use the rock wall.
  • Adults must belay for children.
  • Staff is available for questions and instruction.

Student Tennis Center

Family Changing Area

  • Family changing areas are located in the Rec Center locker room area.
  • Children ages five or older may not use the opposite gender’s locker room.
  • Diaper changing stations are available.

Indoor Track
Mat Room 47
Oldtown Courts
Squash Court
Racquetball Courts
Rec Center Fields
Uptown Courts

*All areas may not be available due to classes, programs, or special events.