Personal Training

Free Fitness Orientation

Learn how to properly operate our fitness equipment and navigate our facilities and programs with a free fitness orientation. Rec Center staff will show you how to use cardio and strength machines, discuss area policies, and familiarize you with Rec fitness programs. This is not a personal training session.

To schedule an appointment, contact our Rec fitness team at

One-on-One Training

Want to ensure your fitness practices are safe and effective? Our certified personal trainers teach you the ins and outs of effective training while helping you develop short- and long-term fitness goals, create a personalized workout plan, and increase exercise knowledge and techniques.

Initial Training Package

All new clients begin with the initial training package. This $55 package includes two, 60-minute training sessions. During session one, you will review health history, perform initial physical assessments, and set fitness goals. During session two, you will receive instruction on proper exercise techniques and implement your individualized workout program.

How to Sign Up

  1. Fill out the initial registration form online.
  2. You will be contacted via email within 48 business hours to schedule a day and time for your first session.
  3. Make your payment online at or bring your full payment to the first session, where you will complete an initial assessment so your trainer can determine the best plan to help you reach your goals. This includes health history, setting goals, movement assessments, and any biometrics you wish to take.

One-on-One Training

Number of Sessions 30-Minute Sessions Cost per Session 60-Minute Sessions Cost per Session
1 n/a n/a $40 $40
5 $110 $22 $175 $35
10 $200 $20 $300 $30
20 $380 $19 $500 $25

Buddy Training (2–3 participants)

Number of Sessions 60-Minute Sessions Cost per Session
1 $45 $45
5 $200 $40
10 $350 $35

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Fitness Assessments

Fitness assessments help our trainers gauge your current level of fitness in order to create a customized workout plan. Each session begins with a postural check, movement screens, resting heart rate, resting blood pressure, height, weight, and body composition.

Body composition assessments are not being offered at this time. The body composition assessment is used to measure your body’s levels of lean and fat tissue. After these assessments have been made, our trainers can more effectively develop strategies to reach your goals.

Fitness Assessment 60-minute session $30
Body Composition 30-minute session $20

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Custom Group Workouts

Bring any PE and Rec fitness class to your group for a private session—perfect for student and staff meetings, special events, and trainings!

How to Request a Custom Group Workout

Virtual Training

Not ready to come back to the Rec yet? Our trainers can work with you outside or via a video call. Simply check the box for video training on the initial request form, and our trainer can connect with you wherever you feel comfortable!

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