Outdoor Pursuits (PEO)

PEO 242 Bouldering

Introduction to the world of climbing without the security of a rope. Emphasis is on safety, skill development, and conditioning.

PEO 251 Rock Climbing 1

Practice indoor rock climbing and cover the basics including equipment, knots, belaying, rappelling, and a range of climbing techniques.

PEO 252 Rock Climbing Fitness

Emphasis on climbing fitness and conditioning, improving climbing techniques and preventing injuries.

PEO 285 Wilderness Survival

This classroom-based course serves as a prerequisite to all backcountry-oriented courses. Topics include dressing for outdoor comfort and safety, nutrition and hydration, map and compass, environmental injuries, weather and lightning, safety and survival, wilderness management, and backcountry ethics.

PEO 331 Outdoor Rock Climbing

Build on the skills learned in Rock Climbing I and prepare for the transition to independent outdoor climbing. The highlight is a three-day outing to Smith Rock State Park.

PEO 315 Basics of Technical Rescue

Introduction to basic technical systems such as knots, rope work, anchor building, rigging for rescue, raising and lowering systems, litters, carries, and improvised rescue techniques.

PEO 325 Swift Water Safety

Focus on safely negotiating shallow and deep swift water streams. Topics include knots, rigging, and rope management techniques; shallow and deep water crossings.

PEO 351 Backpacking

Designed for students with little or no backpacking experience. Classroom sessions prepare students for a three-day introductory backpacking outing to the Oregon coast.

PEO 353 Backcountry Cuisine

Students learn how to plan menus, package food, and implement “leave no trace” cooking and baking techniques utilizing backcountry stoves and cooking systems.

PEO 356 Backcountry Navigation

Focus on map and compass skills and other techniques for traveling safely and efficiently off-trail in the context of a three-day outing to a spectacular region of the Three Sisters wilderness area.

PEO 362 Mountaineering

Class sessions cover planning, safety, hazards, knots, rope work, and rigging. The three-day outing to the Three Sisters wilderness area introduces basic skills such as ice ax use, self and team arrests, roped travel, snow anchors and belays, and rescue systems.

PEO 366 Vertical Rescue Techniques

Focus on technical rescue skills for a single rescuer, including belay escapes, raising and lowering rescues, and rappelling with an injured person in a “ground school” setting before practicing these skills during an on-campus outing held at the Rec climbing wall.

PEO 371 Snow Camping

Class sessions prepare students for a three-day outing into the Oregon Cascades. Students learn winter camping and travel techniques, and snow shelter construction methods.

PEO 391 Winter Navigation

This two-credit course includes multiple classroom sessions and a three-day backcountry travel/navigation outing in the Oregon Cascades. Classroom topics include cold weather clothing and equipment requirements, a review of thermoregulation and cold injuries, Leave No Trace travel and camping ethics, and winter navigation and survival techniques. The focus of this outing is on developing efficient backcountry navigation and winter camping skills.

PEO 392 Backcountry Survival

Emphasizes constructing emergency shelters, building survival fires, and learning a host of other techniques critical to surviving an unexpected night out with minimal gear.

PEO 399 Special Studies: Basic Keelboat Sailing

Learn to skipper a 24’ sloop-rigged keelboat, in light to moderate winds and sea conditions. Learn basic sail terminology, parts and functions, seamanship and safety. Gain confidence learning to sail independently with lots of hands-on practice.

PEO 399 Special Studies: Intro to River SUP

This introductory course focuses on safety, enjoyment, and skill acquisition for the beginner to intermediate stand-up paddle boarder. The course will start with flat water skill development and work toward the aptitude needed to run rivers with entry level current.

PEO 399 Special Studies: Snow Camping II

This two-credit course is designed for students with snow camping experience. The course emphasis route and expedition planning, lightweight winter camping techniques, and constructing fire pits in the snow environment. The three-day intensive outing route is designed by the students in class prior to trip.

PEO 399 Special Studies: Wilderness First Aid

This course is for people of all experience levels who enjoy or work in outdoor recreation. You'll learn the Patient Assessment System, how to provide effective first aid treatments for injuries and illnesses common in the outdoors, and how to make appropriate evacuation decisions. You will receive a Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certification on completion of the course.

PEO 399 Special Studies: Wilderness First Responder

SOLO’s Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course is the recognized industry standard for those who work as backcountry trip leaders, camp counselors, mountain guides, river guides, and ski patrollers. The WFR is the perfect course for anyone working in a position of leadership in an outdoor setting or for individuals who want a high level of wilderness medical training for extended personal backcountry trips or expeditions.

PEO 411 Leadership Dynamics (2 credits) graded only

Discover how leadership, group dynamics, risk management, and other factors play an integral role in shaping the character, productivity, and safety of teams. Instructor approval required.

PEO 412 Field Leadership (2 credits) graded only

Focus on camp-craft, field leadership, navigation, and safety skills. Includes a three-day outing and van driver training. Prereq: PEO 285 Wilderness Survival and PEO 351 Backpacking or equivalent experience.

PEO 413 Leading in Nature (2 credits) graded only

Focus on the natural history of the regions we explore on field outings and on developing outdoor teaching skills. Instructor approval required.

Looking for more outdoor pursuits? PE and Rec's Outdoor Pursuits Program offers additional classes.

Outdoor Pursuits Program

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