Leadership (PEL)

PEL 310 Coaching

Designed to address all aspects of coaching from kindergarten through college-level team sports. Topics include philosophy, organizational techniques, writing workouts, discipline, and others.

PEL 311 Coaching II

Practical application of knowledge and skills from Coaching I (PEL 310) by implementing strategies and techniques in teaching and coaching situations. Students write a practice plan and teach a technical and tactical skill to the class. Learn how to evaluate, scout, and breakdown film and understand basic care and prevention of athletic injuries. Prereq: PEL 310 or equivalent experience.

PEL 399 Special Studies: Evolution of Sport and Physical Education

Journey through time to understand the role that history, philosophy, educators, religion, politics, media, and money have played in shaping the role of sports and physical education today. Begin with ancient Greece and work through current times. Discuss who influenced sports and physical education and why change has occurred so often. Women have made many contributions in sports and how that has affected physical education. Specifically learn how physical education began at the UO and how we are unique in the country.

PEL 406 Practicum

An opportunity for students to assist a physical education instructor in our courses. Applicants must have significant experience and interest in the activity, and be willing to assist in many ways. Instructor approval required.

PEL 406 Practicum Coaching

Students need to be coaching during that term for a local organization such as the YMCA, Kidsports, etc. They need to coach for at least four weeks with a minimum of 20 hours. They will need to have a coaching philosophy, practice plans, to be observed twice and need to write a reflection paper.

PEL 406 Practicum Outdoor

These opportunities provide hands-on leadership and teaching experiences to students working towards completion of the Outdoor Pursuits Leadership Training Program. Students serve as course assistants under the mentorship of OPP instructors. Instructor approval required.

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