PE and Rec Team

Al Diaz Assistant Director for Operations
  • 541-346-8732
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Amanda Brown Coordinator for Events and Scheduling
  • 541-346-1180
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Andreas Rossberg Rock District Instructor
Andy Karch Coordinator for Fitness Programs
  • 541-346-8670
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Anne Borland Senior Instructor I
Tony Towne
Anthony Towne Juggling Instructor
Beckala Millon Ultimate Frisbee Instructor
Beverly Bray
Bev Bray Coordinator for Aquatics
  • 541-346-9360
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Brent Harrison Associate Director for Programs
  • 541-346-1047
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Chantelle Russell Associate Director for Physical Education
  • 541-346-1364
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Clarita Harrington Custodian
Cody Weaver Assistant Director for Facilities
  • 541-346-8993
  • Bio
Corrine Bell Fitness Instructor
Dan Crowe Assistant Director for Physical Education, Outdoor Pursuits Program
  • 541-346-1932
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Daniel Howe
Daniel Howe Table Tennis Instructor
Dave Rubino Assistant Director for Physical Education, Martial Arts, Team Sports, Running, and Weights
  • 541-346-1059
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Dee Bowden Coordinator for Procurement and Capital Assets
  • 541-346-1027
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Dustin Dawson Outdoor Pursuits Instructor
Elayne Quirin
Elayne Quirin Mind-Body Instructor
Eric Jeffries Golf Instructor
Glenn Cashel Business Assistant
  • 541-346-1263
  • Bio
Graham Kroese
Graham Kroese Martial Arts Instructor
Jackie James Assistant Director for Aquatics
  • 541-346-4112
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Jeff Fryer Pool Operator
  • 541-346-4110
  • Bio
Jen Blackburn Fitness Instructor
Jessica Graham
Jessica Graham Assistant Director for Fitness
  • 541-346-1058
  • Bio
Jessica Stainbrook Women's Self-Defense Instructor
Joan Dobbie Mind-Body Instructor
Jocelyn Hollander Women's Self-Defense Instructor
Joshua Taylor Tennis/Badminton Instructor
Justine Halliwill Mind-Body Instructor
Kate Cowsill Fitness Instructor
Keith McConnell Running Instructor
Kevin Barsness Flag Football Instructor
Kim Pappas Volleyball and Basketball Instructor
Kristin Gloystein Coordinator for Rock Climbing
  • 541-346-8932
  • Bio
Leah Wren Mind-Body Instructor
Lindy Metzger Fitness Instructor
Lynn Nester
Lynn Nester, EdD Director
  • 541-346-8981
  • Bio
Mackenzie Madison Aquatics Instructor
Marianne Farrington Aerobics Fitness Instructor
Mark Braun Custodian
Michael Zennache Trades Maintenance Worker 2
  • 541-346-1974
  • Bio
Michele Bulgatz Mind-Body Instructor
Michelle Johnson Custodian
Michie Kawada Fitness Instructor
Natacia Hicks
Nathaniel Lundin Mind-Body Instructor
Patty Smith Executive Assistant
  • 541-346-1041
  • Bio
Peg Rees Instructor (Retired)
Phil Morton Rock Climbing Instructor
Rachel Cazavilan
Rachel Cazavilan Nutrition and Cooking Instructor
Robin Quirke Fitness Instructor
Rodney Bloom Coordinator of Facilities
  • 541-346-6694
  • Bio
Roger Haney Custodian
Ryan Kelly
Ryan Kelly Marital Arts Instructor
Ryan Mangan
Ryan Mangan Aquatics Instructor
Sabrina Fairchild Mind-Body Instructor
Sally Brewer Mind-Body Instructor
Samantha Wallace Assistant Director for Youth and Family Programs
  • 541-346-1057
  • Bio
Sean Graninger Assistant Director for Intramural Sports and Youth Camps
  • 541-346-0673
  • Bio
Staci Rogers
Staci Rogers Soccer Instructor
Stephanie Harris Fitness Instructor
Sue Wieseke Assistant Director for Finance
  • 541-346-4102
  • Bio
Teresa Palmer Custodian
Terri Everts Custodian
Theron Henderson
Theron Henderson Coordinator of Operations
  • 541-346-1022
  • Bio
Tom Huston Trades Maintenance Worker 2
  • 541-346-1042
  • Bio
Travis Hughes Weight Training Instructor
Trish Dorman Associate Director for Business Services
  • 541-346-1043
  • Bio
Troy Knabe
Troy Knabe Scuba Instructor
Viriam Kaur Khalsa Mind-Body Instructor
Wenjie Wan Custodian
Wilma Baker Accounting Technician
  • 541-346-3105
  • Bio