Team Sports (PETS)

PETS 101 Bocce Ball

Skills, drills, offensive strategies, rules and lots of game play. Yes, this is a team sport!

PETS 111 Flag Football

Skills, drills, offensive and defensive strategies, rules and seven on seven games.

PETS 232 Volleyball II

Skills, drills, offensive and defensive strategies, rules, and lots of game time. Knee pads are recommended.

PETS 233 Volleyball III

Skills, drills, big hits, occasional blocks, aces, and lots of play. Knee pads are recommended.

PETS 242 Basketball II

Shooting, ball handling, defense, give and go, back door, screen and roll and some rules.

PETS 243 Basketball III

Offenses, defenses, drills, rules and full-court action.

PETS 252 Ultimate Frisbee I

Throws, catching, moves, strategies, rules, and a lot play.

PETS 253 Ultimate Frisbee II

Improve your skills and team play. Don’t be afraid to get dirty.

PETS 261 Soccer I

Skills, drills, thrills, and spills. Offense, defense, rules and play.

PETS 262 Soccer II

Skills, drills, shot, combos, strategies, and play.

PETS 263 Soccer III

More high level skills, banana kicks, dives, headers, rules, philosophy and great team play.

PETS 265 Indoor Soccer

Four walls, two goals, one ball and non-stop action. Skills, drills, strategies, and play

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