How to Sign Up

Create a Team

  1. Go to Rec Web.
  2. If you are a current student, you already have an account. Click “Log in” the upper right hand corner. The username is your Duck ID (the first part of your uoregon email), and the password is the same password for your uoregon email account.
  3. Once logged in, scroll down and click the Intramural icon at the bottom of the page.
  4. You will have the option to:
            a) Go to IMLeagues where you can view all sport leagues and tournaments (and register once you purchase the membership).
            b) Purchase your Intramural membership.
            c) Purchase the golf-only membership to play in the fall tournament.
                      *The intramural membership is not required to play in the golf tournament. But each participant must purchase a golf membership to register.
  5. After you purchase the Intramural membership you can actively create and join teams on IMLeagues. You can always view IMLeagues regardless if you possess a membership.

League Sports—make sure to send your team captain or representative to the mandatory Captains Meeting.

Special Events and Tournaments—just sign up and we’ll send you the info, no meeting!

Need a Team

  1. The best way to be picked up is to attend the Captains Meeting for league sports.
  2. If you have purchased the intramural membership:
    1. Log in and go to IMLeagues and find the sport or event you’re interested in.
    2. Sign up as a “Free Agent” in the desired league.
  3. If you do not have an intramural membership, you can be put on a free agent list for free by emailing Sean Graninger,

Unfortunately there is no guarantee you will get on a team, but registering as a free agent on IMLeagues and attending the captain’s meeting will increase your chances.


There is a mandatory pre-season Captains Meeting for every league. Teams must send a representative to the meeting on time. We will cover important policies, procedures, and registration information. Registration has changed. Now participants can purchase the Intramural membership starting the first day of the term. Once you buy the membership you have access to create or join teams on When your roster meets the minimum number of required players, you can move your team into your desired time slot immediately.

Tournaments and Special Events

There are no meetings for tournaments or special events. Detailed registration information can be found on IMLeagues.