Media and Journalism in PE and Rec Indoor and Outdoor Facilities and Programs


Our goal is to offer a safe, comfortable, and respectful environment for those who use our facilities. These guidelines help ensure individual privacy, prevent unintentional disturbances, and uphold the integrity of the workout space.

Photography and videography are allowed in recreation facilities when you have received authorization from the Department of Physical Education and Recreation. No photos or videos are allowed in private spaces, including restrooms and locker rooms.

All people must consent to be featured in photos and videos taken within the facilities before any photography or videography begins. To seek consent, individuals may not interrupt ongoing programs, open recreation, or ask others to move out of their frame.

If individuals do not follow the policy, staff will ask them to leave the facility. Violations may result in loss of access to facilities and may be reported to the Office of Student Conduct.

Personal Media

Personal media is defined as images or recordings a person takes of themself without any others in frame, using a cellular device without equipment (tripod, light boxes, etc.). It must be intended solely for private use and cannot be used for commercial or academic purposes.

All users may create personal media if it does not negatively affect or disrupt other patrons.

Academic Media (non-SOJC courses)

Academic media is defined as media of yourself, others, or the facility for the purpose of an academic project that will not be made public. Student requests for class assignments in any School of Journalism and Communication course fall under the Commercial Journalism and News Media section.

Academic media requires authorization, via the from below, from PE and Rec at least five business days prior to the intended date of media access or interview request. Access to space will be dependent on availability. There will be fees to use the facilities outside of normally scheduled hours of operation or if additional staff is required due to size and scope of request. Requests will not be accepted for any open recreation spaces open for normal use.

Commercial Journalism and News Media (including SOJC class projects)

Commercial journalism and news media are defined as media of yourself, others, or recognizable imagery of PE and Rec facilities for profit or not for profit, for limited or widespread distribution, or otherwise by a third party not contracted or affiliated with the University of Oregon. This includes interviews with any PE and Rec staff, to be used for distribution through any media outlet, as well as student requests for class assignments in any School of Journalism and Communication course, regardless of whether it will be published. Commercial journalism and news media require prior authorization within at least ten business days in advance through the request form below due to the required institutional approval process.

Note: If the nature of the request requires a rental of a particular space, this requires extra time and must be made at least fifteen business days in advance through the request form below. This is due to UO Purchasing and Contracting Services’ involvement and will include applicable facility rental and staffing fees.

Posters and Digital Displays

PE and Rec does not accept any printed materials to be displayed in any facility, including fields.

A tack board is available for posting flyers in the SRC lobby hallway near the main entrance, leading to classrooms five and six.

PE and Rec does not directly manage digital displays in facility.

  • UO departments within the Division of Student Life and the Division of Student Services and Enrollment Management may request digital display media through their client managers at SSEM Communications and Marketing.
  • UO student organizations may visit for options and support.
  • Non-UO entities interested in advertising on digital displays may contact Brent Harrison, senior associate director, at for sponsorship opportunities.

Academic, Commercial, and Journalism Media Request Procedure

All academic, commercial, and journalism media requests require authorization through our media request form. PE and Rec will review each submission and communicate through email to the contact person listed in the request.

If media approval is granted, all persons obtaining photos, videos, or other forms of media within the Student Recreation Center or PE and Rec facilities will be given a media pass which must be worn and displayed during the entire photo/video shoot. Persons without an approved media/photo/video pass will be asked to leave the building.

Please use the following form to submit a request once the policies and procedures listed above have been fully reviewed.

Academic, Commercial, and Journalism Media Request Form

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