Youth and Family Lessons

Youth and family lessons provide an opportunity for you to learn together as a family. Our goal is to help facilitate your child’s mental and physical growth in a safe, encouraging, and inspiring environment.

We offer everything from swim lessons to rock climbing and tennis. Toddlers can participate in swim lessons and creative movement classes. Older children can take swim lessons, tennis, ninja warrior training, Webfoot CrossFit® specifically designed for teens, and family rock climbing.

Schedule a Lesson

Find what fits your child’s interests and abilities, and start fostering a love of health and activity early on.

A mom hold her baby up in the pool during a swim lesson.

Swimming Lessons

Ages: 18 months–14 years$26–$34

A boy climbs the rock wall.

Rock Climbing Lessons

Ages: 5–17$20–$120

Two kids stand in the ready position with their tennis racquets waiting for the tennis ball to come their way.

Tennis Lessons

Ages: 5–17$16–$140

Three young kids dancing.

Creative Movement

Ages: 3–5$

Two boys try to knock each other off their platforms with pool noodles.

Ninja Warrior Training

Ages: 7–10$30–$42

One girl jumping rope while another girl swings a kettle bell in the Fitness Yard.

Webfoot CrossFit® Teens

Ages: 13–17$