The PE and Rec self-defense instructors are committed to teaching empowerment-based self-defense to everyone. We offer a variety of workshops and classes to help our community feel prepared, aware, and confident. Workshops are prioritized for University of Oregon student groups; we will consider other UO campus community requests as capacity allows.


These self-defense workshops are an introduction to our ten-week PE courses:

  • PEMA 115 Self-Defense
  • PEMA 116 Women's Self-Defense
  • PEMA 399 Special Studies Women’s Self-Defense II

Find more information about our instructors and classes here.

You can request a self-defense workshop for your group at the Student Recreation Center. We need at least two weeks of lead time to organize a workshop, so please submit your request early.

Workshops are scheduled for two hours for groups of 8–20 people. We are willing to work with groups of more than 20 people with special requests. Wear comfortable clothing that allows you ease of movement.

Women’s Self-Defense Workshop

Self-defense isn’t just learning how to fight. It’s also learning how to set clear boundaries and stand up for yourself while maintaining healthy, positive relationships. In this supportive and empowering workshop, we will introduce you to a range of physical, verbal, and emotional skills that can help you recognize and thwart perpetrator tactics, reduce your risk of sexual assault, and feel more comfortable in your daily interactions. All techniques are simple, easy to learn, and effective regardless of fitness or experience level. The workshops are tailored to the interests and needs of the participants.

Coed Self-Defense Workshop

Content includes:

  • brief statistics and demographics on assaults
  • recognizing predatory behaviors and potentially dangerous situations
  • verbal strategies and importance of setting boundaries
  • description of healthy relationships and consent
  • examples of assertive vs. passive or aggressive communication
  • body language and "ready stance"
  • non-violent physical self-defense techniques
  • serious self-defense techniques and strategies to injure and escape

The workshops are tailored to the interests and needs of the participants.

To ensure the best experience we maintain a low ratio of instructors to students. We also have several student leaders who assist in facilitating these workshops. Workshop fees cover instructor wages. Cost ranges from $100–$150.

Questions? Contact Chantelle Russell at 541-346-1364 or

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