Inclusive Recreation

The Rec Center is committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment that promotes the right of every person to lead a healthy, balanced life. We encourage people of all abilities to participate in any programs and services offered. We provide a variety of accommodations and appreciate any comments or suggestions to improve your experience.


Accessible Education Center
360 Oregon Hall

Programs and Facilities Liaison
Al Diaz
Student Recreation Center

Physical Education Liaison
Chantelle Russell
21E Student Recreation Center

Facility Access

The Rec Center is happy to provide complimentary Rec access to an aide or interpreter if the student or Rec Center member wants to participate in activities during open recreation but needs accommodations. The aide or interpreter first needs to obtain a valid community card ($10) from the UO ID Card Services. By providing documentation from the Accessible Education Center, the recreation pass fee is waived. Access can then be granted at the Rec Center. Please visit the Rec Service Center or contact Al Diaz to obtain access or to answer any further questions.

Accessibility Services in the Student Recreation Center

Downtown Aquatics: The Rec Center pool has a lift to assist swimmers who need to transfer from a wheelchair to the pool. We request that an individual who needs to transfer first ask a lifeguard so they can enter the pool safely.

Locker Rooms: Both the men’s and women’s locker rooms have adapted changing areas and lockers available for rental for the term. An accessible private changing area is also available inside both men’s and women’s locker rooms on the midtown level. Directly outside of the locker rooms on the downtown level there is a private shower and changing area. This area is ADA-equipped but may be used by all patrons. A locker can be purchased for the term or year just outside of the private shower and changing area by visiting the Welcome Desk. Locker availability is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Weight and Cardio Rooms: Both weight rooms and cardio rooms have automatic doors and wide aisles to make the areas ADA accessible. There is a variety of strength, fitness, and cardio equipment that is designed to be adaptable. To learn how to use specific equipment ask any staff member for assistance, schedule a free fitness orientation by contacting Andy Karch, or purchase personal training sessions at the Welcome Desk.

Service dogs are welcome! Be aware that at peak hours, the facility can be crowded, and you and your service dog may not be as comfortable.

Physical Education Classes

Students with accessibility needs are welcome to participate in PE courses. The Accessible Education Center will assist students in finding an aide or interpreter if one is needed to successfully participate in our courses, and/or identifying other appropriate accommodations to meet students' accessibility needs. PE and Rec will waive the course fee for the aide. Contact Chantelle Russell for further information.

Events and Programs

We offer a wide variety of events and programs with accommodations including:

Adaptive Rock Climbing
Personal and Small Group Training
Intramural and Unified Sports
Youth and Family Programs

Adaptive Equipment

PE and Rec is committed to providing an inclusive and functional space. Our facility provides a variety of ADA accessible equipment to make your workout accessible and enjoyable. In addition to equipment, we have friendly, helpful, and highly trained staff on-site to assist you if desired. Our staff members are here to assist with changing weights, provide spotting, and answer questions. Capital purchasing is considered based on replacement life cycles of current equipment, financial availability, and demand. We work with vendors to identify the best options based on industry standards and what is currently available on the market. If you have any recommendations or requests for equipment, please contact Cody Weaver.

Functional Trainer

These are multi-functional machines that can be used for a variety of strength training exercises (standing or seated). The cable and pulley units have two adjustable arms which can be adjusted for multiple training positions.

Arm Ergometer—Krankcycles

These machines consist of two revolving handles that provide low-impact cardiovascular exercise while also providing strength training benefits for the upper body. The handles are cranked much like the pedals on a bicycle. Users can adjust the amount of resistance as well as perform exercises using clockwise or counter-clockwise revolutions.

Elevated Mats   

These matted platforms allow for easy transitions and provide the opportunity for a variety of exercises and stretching.

Adaptive Climbing Equipment

This equipment includes multiple seat and chest harnesses, mechanical advantage pulley system assistance, a prosthetic climbing foot, knee pads, assistive grip devices, and more. 

Cost of attendance is the estimated cost to attend the UO for the academic year. The Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships provides estimates for cost of attendance information that goes beyond tuition and fees, and includes: living expenses (housing and food), books/supplies/equipment, transportation, and miscellaneous personal expenses.