How to Participate in Group X


Purchase Fitness Workout Passes

  • An active membership or facility access pass and workout pass are required to participate.
  • Purchase your unlimited workout pass online at or at the Rec Welcome Desk.
  • Your Group X membership is stored electronically on your Rec account.
  • Unlimited workout passes are only valid during the term of purchase.
  • No refunds are permitted, make self-care a priority!

Purchase a Pass

Reserve Your Spot in Classes

  • Visit or download and log in to the UO PE and Rec app.
  • Select Group X and see the available classes for the next 7 days, including F45 and Webfoot CrossFit classes.
  • Choose your days, class formats, and times.
  • Ready? Hit REGISTER, select it one more time!
  • Continue adding workouts to your week or check out.
  • Add it to your calendar and share your workout schedule with friends.
  • You can opt into class up to 30 minutes before class start times and out of the class without penalty two hours prior to class time.

Online Check-In

How to Cancel (Release Your Spot From) a Class:

Option 1:

  • Visit
  • Select "Log In" in the top right corner
  • Select "Group Fitness" and click "Cancel Registration"
  • Scroll to view the class you wish to cancel and select "Cancel"

Option 2:

  • Make sure you are logged into the app
  • Click the circle icon on the top right-hand corner and select “Profile"
  • Under “Personal Information” click “Programs"
  • Select “Cancel” under the choice of class you would like to opt out of to confirm the cancellation

Cancel Your Spot

General Policies and Procedures

  • No refunds are permitted for fitness workout passes, make self-care a priority!
  • All workouts, including Faculty and Staff workouts, will open to reserve your spot exactly one week in advance.
  • 30 minutes prior to class starting, online check-in will close. Drop-ins will still be welcome if class capacity has not been filled at the time of class starting.
  • To support your warm-up safety, upon class starting, any spot reserved online that is not present will be dropped, and stand-by patrons will be able to take your spot. No one will be allowed to enter class once it has started.
  • You can release your reserved spot two or more hours prior to class starting with no penalty.
  • Releasing your spot less than two hours prior to class will document in our check in platform as a no show.
  • Not showing up for a class you pre-registered for will document in our check in platform as a no show.
  • After two no shows, any additional no show will incur a $12.00 charge for EACH ADDITIONAL class missed. The total charges will be processed at the end of the current term to your student account and communicated via email.
  • The purpose of utilizing online check-in is to SUPPORT your accountability and trust that you have a safe and secure workout space to move as we plan to grow our programs for all Ducks.
  • A Rec Center membership and fitness workout pass are required to participate at the Rec.
  • Questions? Contact