How to Participate

How to Participate in Group X


Purchase Fitness Workout Passes

  • An active membership or facility access pass and workout pass are required to participate.
  • Purchase your unlimited workout pass online at or at the Rec Welcome Desk.
  • Your Group X membership is stored electronically on your Rec account.
  • Unlimited workout passes are only valid during the term of purchase.
  • No refunds are permitted, make self-care a priority!

Purchase a Pass

Reserve Your Spot in Classes

  • Visit or download and log in to the UO PE and Rec app.
  • Select Group X and see the available classes for the next 7 days, including F45 and Webfoot CrossFit classes.
  • Choose your days, class formats, and times.
  • Ready? Hit REGISTER, select it one more time!
  • Continue adding workouts to your week or check out.
  • Add it to your calendar and share your workout schedule with friends.
  • You can opt into class up to 30 minutes before class start times and out of the class without penalty two hours prior to class time.

Online Check-In

Please download UO PE and Rec app in the app stores.

Apple Devices

Unfortunately, due to Apple's new privacy policy, we have to now have this tracking pop up. Due to the authentication being handed back and forth between the app and the member portal, we have to now ask this. Tracking is required to allow this. If someone has denied this, they do have to go to the app settings and enable the tracking.

To turn that back on, you have to go to Settings - Privacy - Tracking - Allow Apps to Request to Track.

How to Cancel (Release Your Spot From) a Class:

Option 1:

  • Visit
  • Select "Log In" in the top right corner
  • Select "Group Fitness" and click "Cancel Registration"
  • Scroll to view the class you wish to cancel and select "Cancel"

Option 2:

  • Make sure you are logged into the app
  • Click the circle icon on the top right-hand corner and select “Profile"
  • Under “Personal Information” click “Programs"
  • Select “Cancel” under the choice of class you would like to opt out of to confirm the cancellation

Cancel Your Spot

General Policies and Procedures

  • No refunds are permitted for fitness workout passes, make self-care a priority!
  • All workouts will open to reserve your spot exactly one week in advance.
  • 30 minutes prior to class starting, online check-in will close. Drop-ins will still be welcome if class capacity has not been filled at the time of class starting.
  • To support your warm-up safety, upon class starting, any spot reserved online that is not present will be dropped, and stand-by patrons will be able to take your spot. No one will be allowed to enter class once it has started.
  • You can release your reserved spot two or more hours prior to class starting with no penalty.
  • Releasing your spot less than two hours prior to class will document in our check in platform as a no show.
  • Not showing up for a class you pre-registered for will document in our check in platform as a no show.
  • After two no shows, any additional no show will incur a $12.00 charge for EACH ADDITIONAL class missed. The total charges will be processed at the end of the current term to your student account and communicated via email.
  • The purpose of utilizing online check-in is to SUPPORT your accountability and trust that you have a safe and secure workout space to move as we plan to grow our programs for all Ducks.
  • A Rec Center membership and fitness workout pass are required to participate at the Rec.
  • Questions? Contact

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