Fitness Classes (PEF)

PEF 131 and 132 Body Sculpt I and II

Use a variety of equipment to challenge every major muscle group in the body with a focus on muscular endurance and strength.

PEF 199 Special Studies: F45: Functional Fitness

In 45 minutes, combine functional movements, agility, and diverse strength training stimuli ranging from heavier, shorter weight training intervals to light weight endurance sets, allowing the body to constantly grow stronger. F45 offers hundreds of exciting exercises, all easily adaptable to different fitness levels. 

PEF 205 Pilates Yoga Fusion

Pilates-based exercises are paired with yoga practice. Students will enhance muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance while centering their minds and reducing stress.

PEF 208 Barre

A combination of controlled movements and postures inspired by Pilates, yoga and ballet, with elements of aerobics that deliver a total body workout. Using the barre as a prop, and other fitness equipment, students will focus on posture, body awareness, strength, flexibility, and balance through low-impact, isometric and dynamic movements. All fitness levels welcome and no dance or ballet experience necessary.

PEF 220 Introduction to CrossFit

Designed for beginners, focusing on form and technique and introducing concepts of CrossFit through simple workouts. Students develop comfort and strength in barbell lifts and use body weight and other equipment during the workouts done with an element of speed. Transition to CrossFit classes will be less intimidating and extension of this experience with more confidence of the language and good training habits. All fitness levels welcome.

PEF 221 Crossfit I

Combine constantly varied, functional movements in different workout formats that push your intensity. You’ll build strength, endurance, power, and agility in a supportive, encouraging, team-oriented environment. All fitness levels welcome and no experience required.

PEF 222 Crossfit II

Use intermediate to advanced gymnastics, weightlifting, and other exercises to maximize all levels of fitness. Set goals, train hard, and reach your potential by challenging yourself and your community. We recommended that you have basic CrossFit or weight lifting experience before entering the class.

PEF 241 Group Cycling I

Workouts are performed on a specialized stationary cycle. Exercise to music using a variety of cycling positions and drills. Students learn to operate and adjust the indoor cycles, enhance their cycling mechanics, and improve cardiorespiratory fitness and muscular endurance.

PEF 243 Cycle Sculpt

A combination of indoor cycling and functional strength training for students who are pressed for time and want to improve strength, endurance and cardio conditioning. Appropriate for all fitness levels, learning to apply various riding techniques and full body exercises.

PEF 251 Fitness Kickboxing

Practice jabs, punches, footwork, and kick patterns adapted from martial arts for overall fitness benefits. A unique twist on cardiovascular training with moves choreographed to music.

PEF 291 Speed and Agility

Understand principles to developing better athletic skills. Practice techniques for acquiring speed, agility, and conditioning through learning movement skills and applying energy systems and implementing core strength. 

PEF 301 Core and Stretch

Develop core strength and flexibility through a program of traditional sport- and Pilates-based exercises.

PEF 311 Boot Camp

A high-energy workout of fitness routines, sports conditioning drills, and military-inspired exercises to increase cardiovascular fitness, agility, muscular endurance, and flexibility.

PEF 321 Zumba

A Latin dance and world music inspired workout. Choreographed routines are easy for participants of all levels to enjoy. Increase cardiovascular fitness and improve dance skills.

PEF 326 Fitness Dance

Learn dance moves and routines inspired by current top 40s hits, music videos, and hip hop.

PEF 335 Healthy Cooking

Learn cooking basics and nutrition education through a combination of lecture and hands-on activity. Class time will be used for food preparation and tasting, a grocery store tour, deciphering food labels, shopping on a budget, and basic cooking techniques for grains, vegetables, and proteins. Course format is offered as a weekend workshop, meeting once per term on a Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday.

PEF 340 Personal Trainer

Through a combination of lecture and activity, students prepare for the American Council on Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer certification exam. This course provides information and learning activities on principles of exercise science, fitness assessments, exercise design and implementation and behavior change, and coaching one-on-one. Instructor approval required.

PEF 342 Group Fitness Instructor Training

Through a combination of lecture and activity, students prepare to instruct group fitness workouts and complete the American Council on Exercise (ACE) certification exam. Gain practical experience in group fitness leadership skills and learn principles of exercise, class design, music selection and coaching a group. Recommendation: previous participation in group exercises classes. Instructor approval required.

PEF 344 Eat, Move, and Be Well

Through a combination of lecture and activity, students learn and apply a lifestyle approach (nutrition, exercise, and stress management) to creating healthy habits. Course format: two weekly sessions in classroom (group process work to evoke positive lifestyle change and increase knowledge of nutrition and exercise) and two weekly sessions participate in a variety of movement activities to increase cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance.

PEF 345 Nutrition and Performance

This lecture based course explores the influence of nutrition on athletic performance and health. Develop skills in nutritional analysis and implement a plan for improving personal dietary and training behaviors.

PEF 347 Nutrition Daily

Evaluate and learn how nutrition is uniquely related to your personal goals. Understand macronutrients and how to create balanced meals by cooking and sharing ideas with class community.