Custom Group Workouts

You can request any Group X workout and small group or personal training at the Student Recreation Center or other UO campus location. We cannot go off campus.

Each custom group workout is one hour in length unless otherwise specified.

Custom Group Workout Costs

Session Type Room Fee Instructor Fee
Session at the Rec $40–$70 per hour $35
Activity Session not at the Rec n/a $50
Workshop Session not at the Rec n/a up to $75

How to Request a Custom Group Workout

  1. Complete the online request form at least two weeks in advance of your event
  2. Review our policies and frequently asked questions
  3. After your request submission, we will email you a confirmation letter and payment form to be returned within 48 hours.

Contact Jessica Graham, Assistant Director for Fitness, at or 541-346-1058 with questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m the leader of a UO-based organization and we are interested in requesting a custom fitness session; however, we have an off campus meeting location. Since we are still affiliated with UO, can we still make a request?

Special circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Will my group be provided with equipment?

Limited equipment is available for customized fitness sessions outside of our facilities. Exercise bands are available. A beach towel is an appropriate substitute for yoga mats. Instructors will supply a portable stereo and music.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of participants required to hold a class?

  • There is not a set minimum number of participants required to hold a custom group workout. However, if you have low or zero attendance, we cannot reschedule or make-up the sessions for a later date.
  • There is not a set maximum number of participants allowed to attend. However, for safety reasons, we require one instructor for every 40 people.
  • You will be charged one session for each instructor that is required for your group size.

Is it possible for me to request a specific instructor for my group?

  • We will do our best to match you with your specifically requested instructor; however, due to instructor’s schedules, there is a chance that you will be matched with an equally qualified instructor who meets your requirements.
  • Group rentals are not permitted to bring in their own instructor, coach, or trainer. Special circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

What are my payment options?

Your group can pay by cash, credit, debit, check, or an approved university index.