Downtown Aquatics houses the Rec Center's three pools and offers time for lap swimming and recreational activity.

Lap Swim

Lap swim is a dedicated time for members to use the pool to swim laps. At least six lanes are available for lap swim. Kick boards, pull buoys and fins are available for use. Water jogging is available during this time.

Reservations for lap swim are encouraged to ensure your spot. Drop-ins will be welcomed based on availability.

How to reserve your time slot:

  • Visit and select "Log In" in the top right corner to enter your Duck ID and password.
  • Select "Reservations."
  • Select "Summer Term Reservations” in the left-hand column.
  • Select the pool in which you want to swim to view available time slot options.
  • Click the "Register" button for the day and time in which you want to register.
  • Read the instructions and then click "Add to Cart."
  • Click the "Checkout" button to complete your reservation.

How to cancel your reservation:

  • Visit and select "Log In" in the top right corner.
  • Click on your profile picture or username in the top right corner, then select “Profile.”
  • Select "Programs" and then “Registrations” from the left-hand column.
  • Scroll to view the class you wish to cancel and click the three dots on the right edge of the row to open the menu, then select "Cancel Registration.”
  • Confirm by selecting “Yes, Cancel Registration.”
  • Facilities will be completely cleared at the end of each reservation period.
  • Time slots open exactly two days in advance.

You may check in up to 10 minutes in advance and up to five minutes after your scheduled time slot on the pool deck. Reservations unclaimed after five minutes beyond the scheduled start time will be considered a no-show.

If you need to cancel your reservation, you may do so up to 10 minutes prior to the starting time without any penalty.

Please make every effort to cancel a reservation if you can't make the time slot. Repeated no-shows will result in an automatic one-week suspension of your membership.

Reserve Your Lap Swim Time

Open Rec Swim: Not Available

Open Rec Swim is a dedicated time for recreational use of the pools. Water volleyball and water basketball, toys, balls, inner tubes, and life jackets are available during this time. The diving boards are open on weekends.

Family Swim: Not Available

Family Swim is a dedicated time for members to use the pool with their family. Children under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult (18+ years) at all times. Water volleyball and basketball, toys, balls, inner tubes, and life jackets are available. The diving boards are open on weekends. All family members must have a Rec Center membership or day pass.

Lap Pool

  • Twelve 25-yard lanes
  • Water depth 3.5–12 feet
  • Water temperature 80˚F
  • Two 1-meter diving boards

Rec Pool

  • Three 25-yard lanes
  • Water depth 3.5–4.5 feet
  • Water temperature 86–87 ˚F
  • Water volleyball and basketball available during open rec hours

Hot Tub

  • Holds eight (8) people
  • Water temperature 100 ˚F

All pools are ADA accessible with ramp, stair, and chair lift entries. An aquatic wheelchair is also available.

StarGuard-certified lifeguards staff the pools during all open hours.

We use a liquid chlorine system to disinfect the pool.

Aquatic merchandise such as goggles, swim caps, and ear and nose plugs are available for purchase at the Rec Duck Store.