Photo of Daniel Howe
Daniel Howe
Table Tennis Instructor

Primary Service: Physical Education


I've been playing table tennis for 25 years. I trained with the former UO instructor for two years and was assistant coach here at the UO for a year. Previously, I was a sponsored skateboarder and instructor. I taught skateboarding at Woodward summer camp, the most prominent extreme sports camp in the world, as well as at an indoor skatepark in New York giving private lessons, group lessons, and helping run a summer camp.
I greatly look forward to teaching Table Tennis I and II (PETS 211), where I can help share the fun and excitement of table tennis with all of my students, as well as coaching the club and team.
For much of my athletic career, I've been on the side of the student. I've always had a great appreciation for my teachers, and consider myself to be a permanent student of the world, and it brings me great pleasure to be able to share everything that I've learned with others who are passionate as well.  My deepest passion and the root of what I aim to learn and teach is happiness and confidence through self-understanding. This philosophy is easy to use on the table, and the lessons carry far beyond!
When I'm not playing table tennis, I mostly enjoy meditation, organic gardening, cooking, practicing yoga, skateboarding, and performing handy work.