Photo of Keith McConnell
Keith McConnell
Running Instructor

Primary Service: Physical Education


Teaching Credentials and Experience: 

  • PhD in psychology from Carnegie Mellon University, 1970 (social psychology emphasis)
  • Honors BA from Carleton University, 1966 (psychology major)
  • instructor in PE and Rec since 2007
  • previous university faculty positions (primarily University of Kansas, John F. Kennedy University) 1970–2006
  • range of psychology areas such as psychology, group dynamics, counseling skills, sport psychology
  • university administration: Associate Dean, Dean, Graduate School of Professional Psychology, John F. Kennedy University (1977–2006)
  • certification: Chi Running and Walking Instructor (then Master Instructor) through Chi Living organization, 2004–present

Courses: Fitness Walking, Jog-Run, 5K Training. Also assisted in tennis classes.

I am passionate about imparting useful health and fitness lifestyle skills with both short- and long-term value for students. It is exciting to see students improve and thrive when exposed to what I have to offer. It is personally important to me to make direct contact with students and to set up a supportive and motivating learning environment as that makes a difference in students’ experience and the benefits gained from my courses. I value active, experiential learning with a focus on including all students equally.

The expression “We practice what we teach” guides my outside values and activities. Consistent with what and how I teach in PE and Rec, I participate in a variety of recreational endeavors and sports that I enjoy and that have tangible benefit for my health, fitness and quality of life. For example I run regularly, especially on trails, and sometimes in organized races. I play tennis both casually and in competitive matches, and I play organized ice hockey (often playing with and against players young enough to be my grandchildren).

My passion for physical recreational activities influences other ways my life partner and I live our lives as we often combine our sports and recreation interests with travel, sightseeing, and our love of nature and the outdoors such as last Fall’s five-week RV trip through Utah which included two weeks of sports-centered activities for seniors at the Huntsman World Senior Games in St. George, Utah.

Fun Facts: when I travel internationally, I have my Canadian passport in one pocket (land of birth) and my American passport in the other pocket (attained in 2001). I still cheer for Canada in Olympic type competitions between the USA and Canada! (“Go Canada, eh!”)

I have two young grandsons, four and seven, who have allowed me to experience some of the joys and challenges of being a parent (since I never had children of my own)—I greatly enjoy being a significant part of their lives.