Photo of Lindy Metzger
Lindy Metzger
Fitness Instructor

Primary Service: Physical Education


Teaching Credentials and Experience: I am an AFAA certified group fitness instructor.

  • Turbo Kick 
  • PIYO Pilates and Yoga strength fusion
  • Group Cycling certificates in AFAA Cycling
  • Schwinn Nautilus
  • Hip Hop Hustle
  • Yogafit
  • Zumba

Courses: Pilates and Yoga Fusion, Fitness Kickboxing, Group Cycling and Cardio Fusion. 

I am passionate about teaching with PE and Rec because living a healthy, balanced life is the foundation that allows you to do everything else in life. It boosts your immune system and stimulates both sides of the brain which has been proven to improve cognitive ability. Above all it helps students to make time for themselves. When we work to be our healthiest we are able to offer our personal best self to learning and problem solve in school, our relationships and to proactively pursue a happier more fulfilling campus and life experience. And it just feels good to MOVE OUR BODIES!


My philosophy is to do your best with what you have no matter where you are. Get up, dress up and show up in my classes and in life!


I enjoy learning new trends and forms of exercise and meditation because I’m terrible at it, and I love traveling on a motorcycle.