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Lynn Nester
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  • The benefits of participating in PE and Rec programs
  • Department assessment and strategic plans
  • The Student Recreation Center Advisory Board
  • NIRSA: The Leaders in Collegiate Recreation
  • Holistic health and well-being
  • Plant-based nutrition

Bio: Lynn joined the UO Department of Physical Education and Recreation in October 2018. Prior to joining the PE and Rec team, Lynn served as the director of recreation and wellness at Cal State San Bernardino. Leading up to that opportunity, she served as the director of campus recreation at East Tennessee State University.

In 2016 Lynn earned a doctorate in education from East Tennessee State University, conducting a qualitative dissertation focusing on first-year student transition and integration to college. She also holds a bachelor's of business administration from Emory University and a master's in sport administration from Georgia State University.

Growing up as an active kid, playing different sports and favoring PE class, it is no surprise that Lynn entered into a career in collegiate recreation, a field she has been working in for more than 20 years. As a long-time member of NIRSA: Leaders in Collegiate Recreation, Lynn has served on and lead the NIRSA Assembly—a forward-thinking leadership group that focuses on the emerging trends and future direction of the collegiate recreation profession. In 2017–18 Lynn led a NIRSA Assembly working group, which produced an online Guide to Health and Wellbeing Resources for collegiate recreation professionals.

Lynn is passionate about student development and multi-dimensional, holistic health, and wellbeing. In her free time Lynn enjoys yoga, biking, hiking, exploring, spectating sports, the arts, and spending time with friends and family.

StrengthsQuest Top 5: Deliberative, Command, Significance, Analytical, Relator

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