Photo of Stephanie Harris
Stephanie Harris
Fitness Instructor

Primary Service: Physical Education


Teaching Credentials and Experience:

  • MD, ACE certified, Schwinn certified.
  • Relevant to what I am teaching here, I have taken certification courses since the inception of cycling including Spinning, Reebok, Keiser, La Monde and Precision Cycling (now Schwinn).

Courses: Group Cycling since Winter 2009

I am proud and very honored to be part of the teaching staff in PE and Rec. The diversity of classes, the quality of the facilities, and the dedication of everyone working here is absolutely wonderful. Teaching and working with the students truly sparks my enthusiasm for being part of this incredible department.

I believe that exercise, fitness, health, and wellness should be available to everyone regardless of prior experience or knowledge. Teaching group exercise has been my way of promoting these important facets of our lives. I sincerely believe that I have impacted more lives in a positive way by teaching than I did when I was in my active practice as a neurologist.

I enjoy many types of activities in my free time including cycling, swimming, snowshoeing, skiing (both cross country and downhill), hiking, walking and reading. During the Olympics (both winter and summer), the Tour de France, and the Tour of California I spend hours watching TV! I know very little about team sports. In fact, the first time that I watched a UO football game five years ago, I did so with Football for Dummies on my lap and still couldn't figure out what a Hail Mary was.