Sustainability at the Rec

Proud to be a LEED Platinum facility

After our renovation, we were awarded LEED Platinum—the highest level of sustainability certification available. We are the third campus recreation facility in the US to be LEED Platinum, and the largest of those facilities.

  • Residing under the SRC Lobby, what was previously Leighton Pool now serves as a cistern, collecting rain water, and using it to flush all toilets in the facility as well as all irrigation on the exterior of the facility.
    • In an average year, the system will collect, treat, and repurpose about 400,000 gallons of water. In a wet year (above average precipitation), the system has the capacity to repurpose over 600,000 gallons of water.
    • A life cycle cost analysis of the cistern system for the next 30 years estimates that the system will save the UO between $192,000 and $288,000.
  • Many of the floors in the facility use radiant heat (hot water running through tubes beneath the concrete that heats the area), providing a very cost effective and sustainable way to heat spaces.
  • Active chilled beam systems are used throughout the facility for heating and cooling. They use ceiling diffusers (big white object throughout the facility in the ceiling) with the energy-saving benefits of heat transfer using water to reduce energy consumption.
  • To save electricity, windows and skylights provide natural light throughout the facility. Automated shades go up and down based on direct sunlight, keeping the facility warm or cool during the year. We worked very close with the Energy Studies in Building Laboratory on campus in selecting the best day-lighting systems to be the most efficient for our facility.
  • Our expanded Solar Voltaic System provides energy for the facility through multiple rooftop solar panels.

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