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Things might look a little different around here, but we remain committed to supporting the wellbeing of our campus community. We will be updating this page with the latest information, so check back often.

Last update: November 30, 2020

Student Rec Center Closure!

The Student Rec Center remains closed in compliance with the guidelines Governor Brown outlined in Oregon’s Risk and Protection Framework. This will lead us into the planned winter break, and the Rec will remain closed through at least January 3rd. Check the website or follow @uorecreation on Instagram for updates. Have a safe and active winter break, and we will look forward to welcoming you back soon!

What You Need to Know Before You Visit:

  • If you have a fever or chills, cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing, muscle pain, or recent loss of taste or smell, please stay home and contact your healthcare provider. Students experiencing symptoms are encouraged to call University Health Services at 541-346-2770. More information about how to perform the required daily symptom self-check before coming to campus is available on the UO Coronavirus website.
  • Enter the Student Rec Center through the main entrance on 15th Ave. and follow the directional signage and spacing guidelines posted throughout. You can access the facility using either your UO ID or by downloading and installing the UO PE and Rec app on your phone and adding your ID card there. Biometric hand scanning has been temporarily halted until further notice.
  • Individuals are required to wear face coverings that fully cover their nose and mouth at all times while visiting the Student Rec Center and all other indoor and outdoor PE & Rec facilities.
  • Bring your own water bottle. Water bottle fill stations are available throughout the facility, but drinking fountains will remain closed.
  • PE and Rec has temporarily halted cash transactions, but we are still accepting credit cards, UO charge, and payroll deduction. Most of PE and Rec’s offerings are also available for purchase online.
  • PE and Rec is taking extra measures to keep the Rec clean, including frequently disinfecting high touch points. You can help maintain a healthy space for yourself and others by wiping down and disinfecting equipment before and after use.
  • Please come dressed to exercise. Locker rooms and showers are not currently available and there will be limited space for changing.
  • Day use lockers are available throughout the facility and locks can be checked out through Equipment Issue.
  • Equipment Issue will only have a limited rotation of equipment available for check-out, which includes locks, towels, badminton racquets, and ping pong paddles.

Accessing the Facility:

  • Fall term memberships for fee-paying UO students will be active starting September 21.
  • PE and Rec will not be offering any other types of memberships fall term. Instead, we encourage visitors to consider one of our multi-visit pass options.
  • Family Recreation is not available at this time.

What's Open:

  • Open Rec:
    • Weight Training and Cardio
      • Fitness Alley
      • Fitness Block
      • Midtown Fitness
      • Midtown Courts (for designed activities)
      • Uptown Fitness
      • Fitness Yard
      • Fitness Deck
      • Uptown Courts (repurposed as cardio space)
      • Indoor Track (repurposed as weight room space)
    • Rock District
      • Bouldering only
      • Climbers must maintain proper distancing by staying within their designated section.
      • Face coverings are required at all times in the Rock District.
      • Climbers must wash hands before and after using the rock wall.
    • Downtown Aquatics (lap pool and leisure pool)
      • The facility is open for lap swim and water jogging activities.
      • You may reserve your lane online. If space permits, drop-ins may be available. Inquire on the swim deck.
      • Swimmers may use the Downtown Locker Rooms to change their clothes.
      • Per Oregon guidelines, a distancing monitor will be stationed on the deck.
      • For full details, visit the Lap Swim Reservations page.
    • Turf Fields 1-4
    • Studio 283 (based on availability; check with the Welcome Desk)
    • South Fitness Playground
    • Outdoor Tennis Courts
  • Programmed Activities Only:
    • All of Old Town
      • Studios 41, 45, 47, 71, 77
      • Fitness Factory (50)
      • Court 1

What's Closed

  • Jacuzzi
  • Locker Rooms (restroom access is still available in the locker rooms)
  • Cycling Studio (40)
  • Old Town
    • Boxing Studio (43)
    • Squash and Racquetball Courts
    • Court 2
  • Student Tennis Center

Capacity Limitations

  • Maximum capacity for each space is posted throughout the facility, and access will be on a first come, first served basis.
  • We appreciate you being conscientious and considerate of limiting your workout time when others are waiting.

Activity Limitations

  • Per state guidelines, activities involving physical contact are not allowed.

Day Passes

  • PE and Rec is limiting the number of day passes sold each day. If we reach capacity, patrons wishing to purchase a day pass may be turned away.

Exercising with a Face Covering

  • Checking in with yourself to monitor how you feel and adjusting your workout accordingly is always an essential part of a safe and effective workout, but we encourage you to bring even greater self-awareness as you move at the Rec while wearing a face covering. If you are not accustomed to exercising with a face covering, consider easing back into your exercise routine to allow your body time to adapt. As you exercise with a face covering, make sure to monitor how you feel during the workout and to take particular notice if you feel dizzy, lightheaded, or short of breath. If you do, slow down, reduce exercise intensity, and/or stop exercising until these symptoms go away.

Risk Mitigation

  • At PE and Rec, we have always prided ourselves on maintaining a clean, safe, and secure facility, and care for our member’s health is our highest priority. These are just a few of the additional steps we are taking:
    • Fitness equipment has been spaced throughout the facility to meet physical distancing guidelines, with a minimum of 6 ft between units. You will find that we have repurposed parts of the facility to continue to provide the widest variety of equipment possible.
    • Additional self-cleaning and hand sanitizing stations have been placed throughout the facility to encourage visitors to help keep themselves safe.
    • Custodial staff are deep cleaning and disinfecting the facility each day prior to opening, and continue to provide surface cleaning and high-touchpoint disinfecting throughout the day.
    • Our facilities and operations team will be utilizing ionized sprayers for full surface disinfection of equipment, furniture, and facilities.
    • The department has obtained an onsite generator for producing safe and effective cleaning solutions for combating SARS-CoV-2, eliminating the risk for supply chain issues.
    • Directional signage has been placed throughout the facility, including dedicated entry and exit points, to control traffic flow and allow for physical distancing.
    • Sneeze guards have been installed at desks in the lobby and Rock District, as well as between entry turnstiles to reduce the risk for both patrons and staff.
    • Lounge furniture has temporarily been removed to provide adequate space for queueing and traffic flow.